Our Organisation

We don’t just want to build a company, we want to build a home.
Retrenchment, politics and stress don’t belong in a home.

  • OMT is the vehicle that allows us to work on our dreams.
  • We want to build OMT to provide us meaningful work with passions.

Our Minds

  • Good times and good memories through Health, Wealth and Time.

In order to have good times and good memories, we need to have good health to enjoy the company of family and friends.  We want wealth so that we can share with those we love.  And we need Time to achieve our Goals and Dreams.

Our Team

  • Teamwork: we are not perfect individuals but we are a perfect team
  • Efficient: cut out useless overheads and processes
  • Selective: customers and contracts
  • Reputation: building a name for ourselves
  • Product: build once, sell many
  • Partners: we cannot do everything ourselves
  • Innovate: bring forth ideas from each other
  • Upgrading: constantly learning new skills
  • Set the Pace: being first means no one has gone before
  • Quality Work: eliminate high cost of problem solving