AceVentures (OMT) Travels Consultancy is a holiday consultancy company based in Singapore established since 2010. We were previously known as AceVentures (OMT) Holidays Consultancy. We provide consultancy services to all your travel-related needs. Our team of highly experienced consultants will seek out the most exceptional, exclusive, and exciting or laidback, activities to keep you entertained, as well as providing you with cost-effective options and offering the best deals to you throughout the Asian travel market.

Our clients are very diverse and include groups of friends, solo adventurers, families, honeymoon couples, corporate business travelers and corporate groups. We take pride creating inspired, inventive, and perfectly tailored packages to suit your needs.

Our parent company, OMT Holidays and Tours (a part of the OMT Group of Companies) is an exclusive Destination Management Company (DMC) and Professional Conference organizer (PCO) based in the Paradise Island of Phuket, Southern Thailand. AceVentures (OMT) Travels Consultancy partnered with OMT Holidays and Tours (Thailand, Phuket), have also created exclusive travel programmes for corporate groups from different industries and individual travelers.

What Make Us Different

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